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The Crossroads of America Scout Band is the OLDEST Scout Band in the United States and the SECOND OLDEST continuously operating Scout Band in the World.

The Crossroads of America Scout Band is recognized as the OLDEST, continuously operating Scout Band in America! Founded as a Drum and Bugle Corps in 1917 by Mr. F.O. "Chief" Belzer to play at ceremonies at summer camp and other Council functions, the organization evolved into a full band by the early 1920's. The Band has a rich heritage and has toured throughout the United States, Canada and a trip to London, England to celebrate Scouting's 100th anniversary in 2007. The Band has celebrated its own 100th anniversary in 2017!

Have you been a member of the band? If so, please rejoin our group as we are looking for alumni to help us interpret our rich heritage as we continue into the next 100 years!

We are Celebrating our 102nd Year Anniversary! - Check out our upcoming Events and Concerts

Our 2018 Wild, Wild West Tour Was A Big Success!

On June 23rd, Saturday, we departed at 7:00 am from Camp Belzer to tour Hannibal,MO and the Boyhood Home of Mark Twain, then to St. Joseph, MO to visit the Patee House and the Pony Express National Museum and Jesse James Home, Boys Town near Omaha, NE, The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island, NE, Camp Augustine, Boot Hill Cemetery at Dodge City, KS, then to the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO, and to St. Louis, MO and the Gateway Arch and attended a Cardinals game to arrive home for the Camp Belzer 100th Anniversary Celebration. Check out our adventures and experiences on the Tour Pages under 2018 Wild, Wild West Tour

Events and Concerts Into Summer; May, June, July

Mini Marathon and Encampment at Belzer on Race Weekend coming in the month of May!

500 Mini Marathon Concert, May 4th

The band is once again part of the 120+ entertainment groups for the 35,000 runners of the largest 1/2 marathon race! Our band’s website will be linked to the 500’s website: — we will also be listed in print media and other announcements related to the mini. We anticipate that we will be located again this year in entertainment spot #1 — just beyond the start of the race. The location is on Washington Street and Schumacher Way — just north of Victory Field. The last several years we were able to park in Victory Field’s parking lot and should be able to do so again this year. Please see Shirley Wiker for a parking pass to post in your windshield to be able to park in their lot and make sure to see Janet Foster to sign up for the Mini-Marathon Concert.

Please plan ahead and arrive before 5:45 AM as the the streets around the race course particularly in the immediate area where the Band will be located will be shutting down to traffic early by 6:00 am with the race starting at 7:00 AM. You will need to plan to approach Victory Field from the West rather than from the North or South or East. The marshalling area for the 35,000 runners will be just south of Washington Street on West Street. We will play CONTINUOUSLY as the runners and walkers go by for each leg of the race. We will primarily be playing Yankee Doodle / Grand Old Flag / This is My Country and sometimes Hogan’s Heroes. We should be finished by 9:30— 9:45 AM — make sure your parents have made arrangements for a meeting location as streets will probably still be closed to traffic. Keep in mind if you don’t park at Victory Field and park outside of the race course area the streets may remain closed after the runners have passed our location.

Uniform of the Day is Class "A"s, Boy Scout green pants, Venture Crew dark green shirt (extra shirts available from the Band Truck), green socks, dark shoes, etc. Bring a jacket just in case it is cool in the early morning.

Indy 500 RACE Weekend

Race day is Sunday, May 25th and our friends from around the Crossroads of America Council, along with Scout Troops from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will be joining us for the weekend beginning Friday, May 24th. Anyone from the band is invited (and encouraged) to come and join us as we host our visitors for the weekend. We will have breakfast on Saturday morning and a pitch-in dinner with meat provided on Saturday evening . Lunch will be on your own. The day's activities will vary as some will head downtown to watch the parade while others may want to stay back at camp and work on merit badges or other activities and projects.

On race morning (Sunday) if you want to participate at the 500 RACE pre race pageant — you must be at Camp Belzer no later than 4:15 AM! We will be boarding buses and leaving camp to rendezvous with other bands that are participating in the pre-race show. Belzer will be the only pick up and return location for the race. Cost for the bus on race day is $25.00 per person. You must have a ticket to board a bus. This will also cover meals on Saturday if you are staying with us then. NO PERSONAL VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO TRAVEL WITH THE BUSES AND TRUCK IN THE ESCORTED CARAVAN! Buses will return to Camp Belzer approximately two (2) hours after the race is over. In the past we have returned to Camp Belzer around 5:30—6:00 PM. Again, as the time gets nearer we will broadcast via Calling Post and updating at rehearsals each week.

A permission slip MUST be filled out for ALL participants and turned in prior to boarding the bus. If you are NOT returning with the band after the race we must have a SIGNED statement from your parent/guardian or you will NOT be permitted to leave by yourself. It is preferred that the person who is meeting you meets us in the bus parking area inside Gate 9A (Northwest Turn 4 area) after we finish performing.

Uniform of the Day is Class "A"s, Boy Scout green pants, Venture Crew dark green shirt (extra shirts available from the Band Truck), green socks, dark shoes, etc for marching around the track, but bring a change of clothing to watch and participate in the Race Day activities. We advise changing out of your Scout Uniform to prevent unsolicited harrasement from the unruly crowds. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WILL BE TOLERATED!! Also, be prepared and don't forget to bring a hat, sun screen, sun glasses, and a rain poncho (but it shouldn't rain, right?).

Stay tuned for more information coming out through Calling Posts and rehearsal announcements about the Month of May activities. Be prepared to start marching practice on the weekend of April 28th.

Scout Band Garage Sale on June 8th at Saint Lawrence

We will be organizing a garage sale on Saturday, June 8th at Saint Lawrence. Contact Suzy Dinger if you wish to donate or help set up and sell.

Shakedown Rehearsal for Tour, June 30th

We will be hosting our 2019 from 1 pm to 5 pm at Father Cohen Hall, Saint Lawrence. If you are going on the 2019 Tour please bring your filled out and completed BSA Scout Health & Medical Forms along with your final payments for Tour. A link to the latest copy of the BSA Scout Health & Medical Form is provided on the Tour Pages. We will practice music for Tour, talk about what to bring on Tour and talk about what we will be doing on Tour.

Band Rehearsals Continue This Summer

Please note that we will not have rehearsals on Father's Day, June 16th

Regular Band Rehearsals Continue This Summer

Regular Band rehearsals continue this Summer at 2:00 pm in the Father Cohen Cafeteria at St. Lawrence Catholic Shool on the corner of 46th Street and Shadeland Avenue. Join us to practice the latest music for upcoming concerts and activities for Tour!

Jazz Band Rehearsals

Come join us if you are interested in a different kind of music from an earlier era. Jazz Band Rehearsals start at 1:00 pm every first and third Sunday for the Jazz Band with Full Band Rehearsal following at 2:00 pm every Sunday through the end of the year. The Jazz Band has start up rehearsals again this Fall in Father Cohen Hall, St. Lawrence Catholic School. Rehearsal starts at 1:00 pm and lasts until 2:00pm, EXCEPT on holiday weekends.

If you are ready to play a different style of music or wish to extend your musical range, the Cool Crew Jazz Band might just be for you. This is a new addition requested by the Band Youth. More instruments are needed so contact Janet Foster or Mr. Ben if you are interested in playing.

Summer Service Project at City Street Median Continues

Join Us on the second and fourth Sundays after rehearsals to clean and trim the Median that the Crossroads of America Scout Band maintain near Boy Scout Road on 56th Street. Also, if you are interested in earning the Landscaping Merit Badge on the days we go to the Median see John Valdez.

Hey Crew 559 Youth!
Don't forget about Crew Meetings every Third Sunday of the Month!

The Crew Meeting's will be held every third Sunday after Full Band Rehearsal. Don't miss your chance to voice your opinion and help out the band!

After the 100th Anniversary we are still accepting photos and memorbilia.

Do you have photographs and snapshots of Scout Band concerts and events that you would like to share with the Anniversary Committee? Send an email to this email address and you will be given instructions how to upload to their DropBox site.

Don't Miss Out on Our 102nd Year Festivities!!!


Database forms have been created to find Band Alumni!

Have you been a member of the Central Indiana Scout Band in the past? Have you been a member of the Crossroads of America Scout Band in the recent past? Then you are definitely a Band Alumni and we would very much like to re-connect with you!

Please follow this link to the About the Band Page or use the navigation buttons to find the forms created to help build a database of Band Alumni and Current Band Members. This will help us to reach out to you as we share the existence of the Scout Band in Central Indiana. If you wish, you can get notifications or emails about upcoming events and how you can join in the fun as a Band Alumni. So click the link and fill in the form!

Commemorative Brick Pavers are Still On Sale!

Would you like to remember a loved one? Remember the special years you were in the band? Show support of individuals, groups and the future of the band? We will be building a Paver Mall in front of the Craig Band Hut at Camp Belzer.

You can purchase pavers for only $100 each for the new Scout Band’s Paver Mall! The paver mall will be located in front of the Craig Band Hut at Camp Belzer. Your $100 purchase includes a 4”x8” paver with two [2] lines of characters [Letters, punctuation, spaces] 18 characters maximum on each line.  For an additional $5.00 you can have a third line on the paver.

You, your family, friends, and business associates can add to the Paver Mall today! Contact a BBBC Board Member to see a sample.

Order directly from this WUFOO Form and PAY with a credit card on the secure order site or download and print off this Commemorative Paver Order Form and mail it or hand it to a BBBC Board Member or 100th Anniversary Committee Member.

Check back often for updates!