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How many Summer Tours has the Crossroads of America Scout Band travelled on? How many BSA National Jamborees has the Crossroads of America Scout Band participated in?

The Fundraising Page

Monthly Market Day Sales!

Market Day has been bought out by America's Finest Chocolate and has not been renewed for the forseeable future.

Pie and Butter Braid Sales!

This past year we sold Market Day frozen pies for Thanksgiving and Butter Braids for the Christmas and Easter Holiday seasons. These sales are back to back, but occur at a great time for selling food items for holiday parties and family gatherings. We have also sold these items in the Spring in time for the Easter holiday season. Both the pies and braids will come frozen but are delivered on the weekend before the holiday so that Band members have time to deliver them and collect monies. The order forms will be passed out at band practice and possibly downloadable from the Band website when they become available during these times. If we sell 100 Pies our group will get 30% profit for each Pie sold. If you have any questions please contact Suzy Dinger. Details to follow as they become available so check back often.

Colts Games and Events at Lucas Oil Stadium

Belzer Band Booster Club at LOS Stand #103

The Crossroad of America Scout Band staffs a concession stand at Lucas Oil Stadium for all the home games for the Indianapolis Colts and several other events at the Stadium (we call it LOS) such as concerts, Monster Truck Series, Supercross Motorcylce Races, NCAA Basketball Finals, etc. We provide volunteer workers to staff the stand for compensation to the Band to raise additional funds. We have developed a great reputation with the concession management company for consistently staffing willing to work, honest laborers to prepare, cook and sell concession foods. Only workers above the age of 16 are allowed to work in the stand by management rules. If you would be interested in working with us at LOS, contact Mr. Bill or Shirley Wiker for more infromation and to get on the list to work. Here is this year's Stadium Schedule.

TIPS Training is being planned for June 18th (Saturday), location to be determined.