Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association Newsletter
September 27, 1997

Letter from the President

Hello, I am Debbie Miller the new Harvey U. Gill Scout Band Alumni Association President and am thrilled to be so. I am the daughter of Wally and Nona Miller who have been with the band since 1959 and 1965 respectively. I have been around the Scout Band all my life and have been a member since 1983. I have served as clarinet section leader, Post President, JASM, Post Advisor, Post Associate Advisor, Tour Director, and Co-Property Manager and have received the Sutherlin, Harvey U. Gill, and Good Scout Awards.

As you might be aware, this organization was established in 1992 at the time of the Scout Band's 75th Anniversary. The HUGSBAA has been inactive for the past couple of years, but I plan to resurrect it. To do so, I need help. How can you help? First of all, I need members - new and renewed. The dues are $10 per year or $100 for a Life Membership. Second of all, I need other officers because I am the Board. Third of all, I need to get input from other alumni. What did you gain from being a member of the Scout Band? How can we recruit new members for the HUGSBAA? In order to grow, I need current information on former Scout Band members. There is a data base with over 400 people, but not all the information is correct. I have MANY other names, but their addresses and phone numbers are outdated.

Benefits of HUGSBAA

You might wonder what you gain from being a Member or a Life Member of the HUGSBAA. The established benefits are copies of the Scout Band's Newsletters. The HUGSBAA and it's members assist the Band in numerous ways. It sponsors two awards; The Harvey U. Gill Award is for youth who demonstrate advancement in Scouting, leadership skills, and exhibition of the Scout Oath and Law; The F.O.Belzer Award is for adults who demonstrate exemplary service to the band. Individual members have donated postage for the Scout Band's Newsletters, camperships and new music for the Dixieland Band.


The first course of action is to build up our treasury to provide postage for the HUGSBAA newsletters and to pay for the awards given. After that, we can concentrate on helping the Band with whatever needed. Examples are a new truck/trailer, music, tour transportation, tour contacts and tour scholarships.

With everyone's support, we can increase and correct the data base. This will help former members contact friends from the Band that they lost contact with over the years. It could even be used to meet people with similar interests or careers.

I would like to have annual meetings of the membership and quarterly social gatherings to renew friendships and create new ones. As a united force, we can make a difference to the current members of the Scout Band and assist the Band in growing. Let us make a difference together.

Recipients of the Harvey U. Gill Award

Debbie Miller 1992
Doug Whitcomb 1993
Dana Hansen 1994
Larry Wheat, II 1995
Laura Wheat 1996
Patrick Lindstrom 1997
This years award receiver, Patrick Lindstrom is the son and grandson of former Scout Band members Pete and Carl Lindstrom. He is a Life Scout and talented percussionist.

Recipients of the F.O.Belzer Award

Wally Miller 1991
Howard Foster 1992
John Valdez 1993
Nona Miller 1994
Larry Wheat 1995
Bill Schofield 1996
Linda Wheat 1997
Linda, who became active with the Band when her husband joined in the mid 80s has encouraged youth members, including her three children, to continue in Scouting. She has participated in several tours and always works in the Scout Band's concession stand at Colts games. She is an F.O.Belzer Award and Silver Beaver recipient.

Recipients of the 1997 Good Scout Award

Ed Herran and Debbie Miller
This award was determined by those Band members on tour.

Improvements to the Hut

There is new electricity at the Scout Band's hut at Camp Belzer. Randy Decker made the arrangements with the approval of Ranger Kevin Hobbs. Bill Schofield, John Valdez, Pete Lindstrom, and Debbie Miller assisted with the manual labor.

A New Home

The Scout Band just moved to Warren Performing Arts Center at Warren High School on Indy's East side. Many thanks to Randy Decker, HUGSBAA former President, who had the contacts to make it possible. All are invited to visit the Band!  Rehearsals run from 2-3:45pm on Sundays with Dixieland immediately preceding at 1pm.

Members of the HUGSBAA

There are currently 20 LIFE Members. Three members registered for the 1997 year in the past week. Thank you! Let us keep this tremendous pace.

For More Information....

The Crossroads of America Scout Band's web site is
Debbie Miller's e-mail address is
You may also reach her at
4825 North Kenmore Road, Indianapolis, IN 46226
or at (317) 545-0445

Memorial Fund

A memorial fund was established by the Belzer Band Booster Club. The purpose of it is to assist with maintenance of the Band's truck and trailer and to provide scholarships for tours. If you want more information to make a donation in someone's honor, please contact Bill Schofield at (317) 542-8057 or e-mail at

Tour 1998

Tour is planned for the Central Region. Information is available immediately.



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