Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 1

Here's what we saw most of the time today!

Break Time!

This is what Iowa looks like!

Lunch Time!

More Iowa!

Several People wanted to know where we are going.......We are here!

We arrived at Camp Mitigwa near Ames, Iowa and who should appear out of the blue...
It's Steve Douglas, Band alumni from the 70's

Dinner time at Camp Mitigwa!  Why is Carlton hording all the food?

It's the purple patrol!

Steve said that he hadn't played for a long time, well, we just happen to have a spare trombone....
And we are VERY persuasive....
But I don't think Steve remembers how to put it together anymore...

We always have a great croud at the scout camps

Steve finally remembered how it went, it's like falling off a horse, you just get back on...
And he really did sound great!

Howard is always looking for a good tango......

And we are always looking for a few good scouts to dance YMCA!
Great Job SCOUTS!

There will be more tomorrow!