Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 2

Today we traveled into Nebraska, we even had some extra time so we made an extra stop.
But First as is normal for our tours.....

We have those with hair at the beginning of the tour....

And then we have those who decide to have theirs removed.  (Go ahead, look at one of the past tours)

Anyway, here we are at the Western Historic Trails Center in Council Bluffs Iowa, a part of the National Park Service, this location was where many of the different trails taken by our pioneer ancestors crossed while they were heading west, after crossing the Missouri River.

We had a chance to tour the museum and see the differences, as well as the similarities between travel during the pioneer days and travel today.

On the road again, now in Omaha, wherewegottoseethezooifwelookedrealfast :)

Here's what Nebraska looks like......

Here we are unpacking at Camp Augustine in Grand Forks, Nebraska where we had a nice demonstration from their rocketeers and a nice dinner in the mess hall.

Howard took advantage and had us set up in the shade.

Everybody is having problems with the three Debbies, how to we tell them apart?

We use 3-D of course! (l-r: D1, D2 and D3)

We had to make one last stop before we quit for the day, to get fuel.  In Indiana they have signs on the gas pumps telling you that the State Police will take away your license if you don't pay. In Nebraska, they use a TANK.  It's also why you don't see a lot a tailgaters here either :)

See you tomorrow!