Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 4

A very Busy, BUSY DAY!  We are at the Grand Teton National Park now, out of communications for the moment, so sorry.  And we have had some really great sights to see.  While traveling to the Tetons we even drove through a snow storm!  You'll see some pictures of the Tetons, and our boat ride at Colter Bay taking us around the Lake.  Our Captain, Rowdy, was very knowlegable about the whole area, Teton as well as Yellowstone having been a ranger there for many years.  You'll see pictures of Jonathan stearing the boat as well as Shawn doing his best.  I'll not put many more captions for today since there are a lot of pictures to see.  Take your time and enjoy!


It really was snowing in the pass!

You can see the ice on the window!

They were far away, and we were driving fast, but they are clearly bison!

More Bison!

You ever wanted to know what sagebrush looked like?

This is the Elk Antler Arch that is constructed each year with the help of local Boy Scout Troops, in Jackson Hole, WY

Bill is either singing or telling everyone to get on the boat at Jackson Lake.

Can you spot the Elk in this picture? It's there!

That was Jonathan at the wheel

After dinner Bill had us out looking for Moose!
When we got here there were two, but they were Elk, and since we stopped where we shouldn't have, we also got stopped by the Park Ranger, who explained things to us and let us on our way with just a lecture and a warning (whew).

Look out there, it's a REAL Moose (female) having dinner, it's pretty dark, but you can just make her out.

This is the inside our out cabin at Colter Bay.

Now, a little comment, today was really busy, everybody had a wonderful time!  But it seems that everytime Bill sees something it's a moose.  But when somebody else sees a Moose, it's not a moose.  Now those of us in Van 3 did really see a few moose today, and at one time we got yelled at because we had to stop just to make sure we saw the moose.  So even though we had a moose excuse, we still got yelled at.  Then I believe that Bill has discovered a new species, called a Melk, he still says they are moose :)

More tomorrow, probably with this upload as well :)