Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 5

Today we left the Grand Tetons and headed over to Yellowstone.  We were to have played two concerts, but due to communications problems with the local phone service, we were unable to get them set up at the two parks.  So we had lots of time to shop and look around and enjoy ourselves.  We are now at Yellowstone in the Yellowstone Inn, right next to Old Faithful (pics to come).  So here are the pics for today, enjoy!

Our cabin in the woods at Colter Bay at The Tetons, it was raining this morning...

This would have been the Teton Concert site, pretty cool huh?

One last look at the Teton Mountains

We actually pass the Continental Divide several times due to the winding road, this was the highest point that we passed.  Of course Yellowstone is over 8000ft and we were over 9000ft at one point :)

We finally started to see some wildlife up close today!  Here was a very friendly Elk, she was quite a traffic stopper, when she cross right in front of us, like she owned the road :)

And she didn't mind having her picture taken either :)

Everywhere we went there were hot springs, geysers and fumerols.

Here we are getting pretty close to Old Faithful,

Not Old Faithful, but close :)

That's Old Faithful, I'll have some better pics tomorrow, I promise!

A little closer!

After lunch we took of in search of adventure :)

There seems to be steam everywhere!

More Elk

A little closer, notice the one with her head raised, this is because she's laughing at me, I just fell down the mountain to get a closer look :(

But then we saw these two brutes taking a leisurly stroll down the avenue.  Magnificant!

Now that's REALLY CLOSE!

Back at the Inn, this is the inn that was so close to the fires around 1988, they were worried that the inn would be destroyed, but it wasn't, fortunatly for us!

I don't think these folks are enjoying their dinner at the inn, but they were really busy laughing about something, the kids ARE having fun!

This picture doesn't do it justice, but when you enter the lobby of the Inn, you look up and this is what you see, it's nearly five stories high.

Well that's all for today, hope you enjoyed it.  We'll have more tomorrow, Bill is going to try and get us into Montanna finally, and we have a concert at a scout camp later.  I hope to have everything uploaded by tomorrow night.