Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 7

Today we left for Mount Rushmore!  We are now in South Dakota!  But first we stopped at Hot Springs to see the Mammoth dig that is going on there.

Here is one of the large nearly complete Mammoth skeletons, since this one has no head, they call it, Maurry Antoinet (it's male)

This is a very important and extensive site where many mammoths are being found.

This is a very good skull and tusks that have been uncovered.

These are mostly Colombian mammoths (seen here) only a few have been found to be the woolly mammoths.

We saw the largest herd of buffalo today that we've seen so far!

They just wander wherever they want!

And prairie dogs too!

Mom and child!

Then we saw the progress on the Chief Crazy Horse monument.

Now we are at Mount Rushmore!

A large pic, but here we are on stage at Mt. Rushmore just before the beginning of the concert.  It was a great honor to play here again.  After the concert, we stayed for the lighting of the monument, and then we headed off to Wall, SD.

We want to than Ann Capaul of the National Park Service for having us out to play this concert!  After we finished up, she gave an excelent program prior to the lighting of the monument telling about the women behind each of the Presidents.

More tomorrow!