Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 8

Today was mostly travel.

We started out at the Famous Wall Drug Store
We got our free glass of Ice Water too.

See, you see these signs everywhere, so you have to be thirsty when you get there :)

To quote Mr. Bill....."South Dakota Farmland Folks!"

Then we stopped at the Prairie Dog Town

Many, many prairie dogs

A real stand up reception

Then to the Badlands

Dana finally gets to push somebody off a mountain ;)

Lewis is checking to see how far down down it.....

Jonathan and Deb took a long look!

It was a long walk back up too.

This area is really beautiful!

We are on our way back now, this is the Missouri River!
We are now in Sioux City Iowa and will be heading to Hannibal Mo tomorrow, it's an eight hour drive, and the only thing we'll be able to see is this.......

Real exciting HUH?

See you tomorrow!