Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 9

We're in Iowa again now, and will be back tomorrow, so we went to Hannable MO today.

Driven by Hop-a-long Debbie

Mr. Bill's aying for today....Iowa Farm Country Folks!

We arrived on time for our outdoor concert in at Samual Clemments boyhood home, the SUN is shinning and it's hot, quite a change from the past few days :)

There actually was quite a crowd, they were down the street next to us....where there was shade :)

We wanted to show that Chris here has served many useful purposes during this trip...
Here we see use number 6:  Wheel Chock

Usefulness #12:  Brakes

Dana has started a new and rather extensive bug collection, he's having a little trouble identifying them at the moment, and he still says that there will be many more that need collecting and cataloging tomorrow.  When we get back, I'm sure he'll need some volunteers to help.....

We toured Samual Clemments home and museum, I've always loved Twain!

Mike seems to want to relax, but he had fun too!

The New museum is pretty cool, this is a great pose.

Dana and Debbie went on a stage coach ride.

It's dark in here and light outside, but he's Jonathan tooting the riverboat whistle.

Let's see, Cris, Kim, Dana, Debbie, and Debbie are waiting for our dinner on the Mark Twain Riverboat on the Mississippi River tonight!

Kim and Jonathan do actually seem to be having fun!  It's Jonathan's Birthday too!

The Ship had an old style Caleope, sounded great, and LOUD if you were standing under it!

These folks are learning a new game....Euchre!

A large picture of the local sunset!

And it just got better...

and better...

This is a memorial to the 100th anniversary of Twains birth,  it's not used for anything just of reminder of Mark Twain.

Here's the crew of the USS Minnow..... I mean the Band people getting ready for dinner :)

That's it for now, I'll do more and Mr. Bill has some pics comming to me as well.  But tomorrow, we'll be traveling a long way to get back to you all and when we get home, we're going to be really tired!

More later...