Crossroads of America Scout Band 2003 Tour
Day 6

Today we finished up at Yellowstone, it was a very long day too!  Here's what we saw today....

The hot springs and geysers near Old Faithful

Another view of the fabulous Old Faithful Inn

This is a BIG fireplace, and very cozy too.

We had a great view of Old Faithful erupting, about every 45 minutes.  You know, I always thought it made a lot of noise, but then, I guess that's something that you get from TV, it's really very quiet when it erupts.

This is called the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, it's a very neat site.  There are waterfalls to see, but you can't seen them very well anymore since the point where you could see them collapsed during a large earthquake some years ago.  But that's OK, everybody saw and nobody fell off the mountain :)

Another view upstream

There were also a pair of Osprey in the Canyon area too, they were giving us a bit of a show while we were there.

This is what happens when there is a shift in a steam vent, the parking lot becomes part of the attraction!

This is the Dragon's Mouth, I just wish I could give you a sample of the sound that comes out of this cave along with the steam, I think that the name is perfect!

We are arriving at Camp Buffalo Bill and we had fun crossing this little bridge, Sylvia would have loved it :)

As always at the Scout camps, they are a fantastic group to play for.  We were also quite surprised that they had FOUR people that could be "talked" into playing with us!

This is John Zabriski from Caspar, WY, on the Alto Sax

This is Becky "DARTH MARTHA" Moore frp, Thermopolis WY, on the flute

This is Jessica "Smiley" Moore from Thermopolis WY, on the french horn

And last but not least Leroy Smith from Wabash Indiana, on the trumpet
Now a little note, some of these scouts and scouters haven't played in years, some of them are still playing, we are always appreciative whenever anybody falls for us asking them to join in :)  They always sound GREAT!  So if you are where we are playing, and you want to join in, just ask, we'll make sure that you can join in.

It's fuzzy, but the scouts are doing the CanCan :)
We want to thank Joe Hall the camp director for having us out!

Well, that's it for today.  I must not that things are late again, our travel has been late getting into the hotel and this is why the updates are slow.  Blame it on Howard, seems that he decided NOT to play The Thunderer last night, so instead, he had us play a very short verson of Let it Snow.  Naturally, as we were winding our way from the scout camp to Buffalo WY, we ended up driving for hours in a snow storm, in the dark! :)

We made it!
See you soon, enjoy!