Today was another busy day.

Howard pointed out last night that he doesn't believe in superstition, and doesn't believe that whenever the band plays 'The Thunderer' we have bad weather.  Well remember yesterday?  We played two concerts, and Howard had us play 'The Thunderer' twice!..........

This is today's radar image for the Baton Rouge area!

It rained, it rained really hard!

Toni couldn't hardly see to drive, we couldn't see at all!

Louisiana was completely under water!

And it all started out so nice!

We went out and watched the submarine races.....

There was a nice crowd watching us as we traveled from Galveston to Baton Rouge

Alfred Hitchcock showed and got some of the kids to reenact a scene from "The Birds"

We even got a fly over by the Texas Coastal Air Force!

Remember that we were supposed to take a Ferry ride, well, this isn't it! :)

Seems that every year some unnamed scout falls asleep, under the seats, so why should this year be any different!

After Hurricane Howard passed, we got into Baton Rouge and the USS Kidd Navy Museum.  This is NOT RADM Kidd Himself, but another Great Veteran from Louisiana (according to Dana).

Now, I've been on a few ships with the band now, and I must say, that the DD661 was one of the better preserved ships I've seen!  I was really enjoyable.  (Now that the gale warnings had passed)

USS Kidd

US Kid

Good lines

Like I said, looks nearly new

I think he's stuck sending the letter M

I'll bet Toni is glad she's not driving with these controls!

OK, I'm always looking for the Radio Room!

I'm not sure what Bob was doing to Howard, but it looks like Howard wants him to stop :)

Scotty, went a little KooKoo today, here's Mary Jane and Mr. Bill trying to get him into the straight jacket :)
Not sure why, we just finished a fine meal with crawfish, shrimp, clams, oysters and spaghetti!

I think a few people thought it was funny :)
That should do it for Friday, see you tomorrow!