Today and tomorrow are both travel days.  Our plans fell through for Birmingham so we won't have a concert opportunity there.  We've had a great day today, saw lots of beautiful country and even had a little time to see the Old State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, La.  It was a very interesting building and here are some of the pics.

It's currently undergoing exterior restoration, still looks impressive.

Ahhh Magnolia!

They are very proud of the woodwork here, can you see what was weird in this picture?

There was also a central spiral staircase,

and they are also pretty proud of their ironwork.

And stained glass dome.

I really would like to have been able to take this desk home with me :)

A little better view of the dome.

Everybody liked the question and answer session.

Not to mention the ghost story!

And we're done.  I'll have more tomorrow night, we'll see what I can come up with, not much happens on the last day, we will be leaving Birmingham at 6am!  And have updates sent out as we get back to Indiana!