Tom’s Terrible Tour Test

Read all the questions carefully, then answer.  Prizes are awarded for the five highest scores.  First prize is 5000 band bucks placed in your account, Second is 2500 band bucks, Third is 1250 band bucks, fourth and fifth places win 1000 band bucks each.  Prizes are awarded at the annual picnic prior to the auction of the next tour.  The test has two parts, questions from the first part are worth 10 points each, and questions from the second part are worth 5 points each.

These questions are for up to 10 points each.

01:    The Chickasaw Indians established what town?
02:    What happened in 1541?
03:    Who was responsible for naming Memphis?  When?
04:    What does Memphis mean?
05:    How many photographs are in the Museum at Dealey?
06:    In 1841, Mr. Bryan built a cabin where?
07:    In the USA, Dallas is considered the be which largest of the Nation’s cities?
08:    The Reunion area was what in the 19th century?
09:    What has 50 floors?
10:    Where will you find 63,855 chairs?
11:    Where was the National Scouting Museum before the move?
12:    What seaport is located 50 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico?
13:    Before there was Houston, there was what?
14:    Who defeated the Mexicans in San Jacinto?
15:    Where is/was our tram tour?
16:    What is Galveston?
17:    Who named Campeachy?
18:    What happened in 1900 to Galveston?
19:    Who is the Scout Executive of the Bay City Council?
20:    How many flags have flown over Baton Rouge?
21:    What color is the stick?
22:    What symbolized the boundary between two American Indian tribal hunting grounds.
23:    Why is Baton Rouge the tallest state capitol?
24:    RADM Kidd was in charge of Battleship Row where?
25:    What class is the DD-661?
26:    In recognition for his actions during the attach, what was awarded to RADM Kidd?
27:    What started out as empty farmland before becoming a boomtown for steel?
28:    What did civil rights leaders do there in 1963?
29:    What was the title of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s essay written during his incarceration?
30:    In the early 1920s, a drum and bugle corps evolved into what?

Bonus Questions:  up to 5 points  each.
01:    What will you find underneath the Ferry?
02:    What is......   FApCE
03:    Deci    sion
04:        belt  
05:    Clove, timber, carrick, fisherman’s, half, two half, and the speed over water?
06:    What gets wetter the more it dries?
07:    What famous opera was the movie “Oscar” based on?
08:    Why is Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony sometimes called the Victory Symphony?
09:    This is an unusual paragraph. It has a trait that is not found in many paragraphs of this many words.  Can you find out what it is?  It’s not as hard as you might think. Just look and study.  I know you can do it. Good luck!
10:    In what order are the following animals listed? (in other words, why are they in this order?)
            Sheep, dog, rooster, cat, cow, pig, duck.