It's been decided, these three are too confusing :)  We are calling them Kimaryla!

This is cousin It!

This is now known as "The Conference of Mages"

Ok, this can only be........Blonde Ambition!

Rabbi Margaret?  Shalom Cha-cha-cha :)

Ok, now things got serious, our next concert was in Fort Worth at the Historic Stockyards. 
This we in front of the Livestock Exchange.

The concert was set up by our old BBBC Chairperson John Karnes (not Johnathan :)
and it's not y'all, it's ALL Y'ALL :)

After the concert we got to see a HUGE Stampede of Longhorn Cattle, lead by expert wranglers down the center of town :)
OK, it was like a dozen and they were really well behaved Longhorns :)

Then we returned to Dallas, and the Sixth Floor museum in honor of President John F. Kennedy at the Texas Book Depository next to Dealy Plaza.  We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, it was really moving and informative.  Back on the ground level, I shot this picture of the Grassy Knoll, you can't see it, but in the middle of the street they have a red X where the fatal shot was fired at the President.

This was our next stop.  The Reunion Tower.

It was blocks away, and we had to take a tunnel to get to it.

BUT it was CLOSED!!!!!

On our way back, we stopped at the JFK Memorial.

Then it was back to the bus...... OK, the bus is still broken, no air conditioning, and it's been renamed...
"Death Valley on Wheels"
Toni, our Driver, has been working really hard to keep things going, and she's taken it back to the shop again to see if they can't fix it.  If it's still broken tomorrow, we are supposed to get another bus.  Let's all keep our fingeres crossed.  So, since we really needed to let Toni get the bus to the shop, we returned to the hotel and ordered Pizza.

OK, what is it about the Estes girls and being on the floor (remember blonde ambition?)

Only their Mother knows :)

More coming tomorrow, we'll be at the National Scouting Museum and then on to Houston!