Crossroads of America Scout Band
2016 Western Tour

Travel and Dyersville, Iowa

Our first day of tour was mostly travel. Near the end of the day we made it to Dyersville, Iowa home of the set of the movie Field of Dreams. The band played a wonderful first concert at the baseball feild. After the concert, everyone was able to play a little ball on the famous field.

The band all ready to leave The band playing a concert at the Feild of Dreams The band has staked its claim on their own bit of Iowa
Nathan up to bat A coulple of outfielders coming to take a swing The Field of Dreams house
Eric and his dad playing some catch Some band members watching the game Xavier taking a practice swing on the plate
Band members cheering on thier teammates KeShaun getting ready to hit a homerun Mark, KeShaun, and Janet ready to play some ball
Eric ignoring the ghost coming out of the corn Xavier ready to get an out at first base Will waiting for a hitter daring enough to send one his way
KeShaun on first base sizing up his opponents Chad ready to play some ball Greg pitching a softball
Mark ready to hit one into the corn Band members taking the field Mark and Doug on the mound after Mark threw a fast ball