Crossroads of America Scout Band
2016 Western Tour

Lewis and Clark Scout Camp and Corn Palace

Another long travel day heading to South Dakota. After another long drive and several movies later, the band reached the world's only Corn Palace. The murails, made of corn, on the outside and inside are changed every year. The smell of carmel corn was strong and there were lots of corn related goods to buy in the gift shop. After the Corn Palace, the band made its way to the banks of the Lewis and Clark Lake and stopped by the Lewis and Clark Scout Camp. We played an excilent concert to a large number of enthusastic Scouts. After the concert, many members of the band took on the challenge of Cardiac Hill so they could make it to the trading post. It was a long and steep journey where the band members had to navigate many stairs. Some band members took the added challenge of running part way back up the hill.

Check out this link of the band performing at the Scout camp.

An information stand made of corn The impressive Corn Palace with its murals made of corn The Corn Palace celebrating music
Willie Nelson made of corn Bob directing the band at the Scout Camp The percussion section rocking out with new friends
Another shot of the concert The band entertaining the Scouts A beautiful view of the Lewis and Clark Lake
Can you spot Nebraska? Cardiac Hill ready for the conquering