Crossroads of America Scout Band
2016 Western Tour

Back Home Again in Indiana

We started our final day by being able to sleep in until 7:00. This was our latest wake up time all week! We were able to return to the Lincoln museum to finish the tour of the museum and our shopping, since we arrived so late yesterday. Today some of us saw the Eyes of Lincoln film. After we stopped in Danville, IL for lunch we were back home again in Indiana. We made a short detour to the airport to drop off Josh and concluded the 2016 Western Tour back at Camp Belzer.

Will enjoying the last breakfast of tour Doug having some fun at breakfast Watching the news while we eat
Joel and his mom enjoying breakfast Another breakfast pic Chad and Xavier waiting to load the luggage
Chad staying out of the rain Xavier staying out of the rain Back at the Lincoln Museum watching another show
If Greg was an inch taller he would be Lincoln's twin On the bus back home again in Indiana